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Mediterranean Tapas and Pinchos

18 Mar

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Gastronomic tourism in Ibiza

There are certain points of the gastronomic map that attract tourism eager for new sensations and become a value to the time to enjoy our vacation. And certainly Mediterranean cuisine full of flavors and natural turn attracts every summer our beaches eager to meet people.

Tapas Ibiza 2

Chorizo​​, ham, octopus, clams and shrimp. Salmon, ratatouille, mushrooms, squid, omelette and many other ingredients prepared in fritters, meatballs, kebabs or skewers. Hot and cold tapas, intense and delicate flavors. Traditional or generation, all represent an intense encounter with that part of our attraction, we are proud to offer in Verser Hotels.

On El Chiringuito de Playa Figueretas and seaside you can enjoy a variety of tapas thousand flavors, combined with a cocktail and furnished by live music.

Go looking tapas your next summer in Ibiza ….

Viñeta Verser

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Au pied de la plage de Figueretes. Séparé du bord de mer par les palmiers de la promenade maritime

En pleine ville d'Ibiza, à quelques pas de la plage et avec tout le confort d'un appartement..

Un hôtel traditionnel d'Ibiza en première ligne de plage avec les meilleures vues à la mer.

Plongée sous-marine, des excursions à l'île de Formentera, dîners, shows et discothèque, tout pour profitez d'une Ibiza inoubliable.